Title Lietuvos tiltų statybos raida ir architektūros bruožai
Translation of Title Development of bridge construction technology and architectural design
Authors Sinkevičiūtė, Aida
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Pages 129
Keywords [eng] Lithuanian bridges ; development of bridge construction technology ; types of bridges ; architecture
Abstract [eng] The final paper presents a review of the development of bridge construction technology and architectural design. The review is based on the materials obtained from historical archives and iconographic resources. The paper analyzes the impact of bridges on the environment and their typology, and highlights the most important bridges which are the objects of cultural heritage. The iconography of Lithuanian bridges is analyzed in terms of documentation. The study is based on the historical images and literature sources. Until the present day, the history of Lithuanian bridges has not been devoted consistent attention. Bridges are complex and exceptional engineering structures. The history of bridge construction narrates an exciting story about the culture, the art of construction, and the scientific and technological progress of the particular historical period. These structures have indisputable historical, technological and architectural value. Moreover, they are a major integral part of road construction. Nowadays, the infrastructure of roads and bridges has expanded to the extent where people no longer realize the utmost importance of bridges. The engineers of all times attempted to design strong, durable and elegant bridges. The contemporary architects tend to devote an especially great deal of attention to the design of bridges. The paper presents the old Lithuanian bridges (from the 13th -18th centuries) and reviews the early railroad bridges. The development of the bridge construction technology and architectural design in the 20th century (including the Independence period, the Soviet era and the present times) is discussed.
Type Master thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2012