Title Dramatizmo meninė raiška vestuvinėse dainose
Translation of Title Dramatism in wedding songs
Authors Vaiciukevičiūtė, Jolita
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Pages 71
Keywords [eng] wedding eve ; dowry bringing ; departure to the groom
Abstract [eng] The thesis of the topic is focused on „Dramatism in wedding songs“. Wedding songs on wedding eve, dowry bringing and departure to the groom have been chosen for the analysis and interpretation. Wedding songs is the object of research, as to the utmost, they reveal an artistic side of the dramatism. The goals of the research are to analyse the wedding songs in the context cultural background of those days by comparing them and emphasising dramatism of wedding eve, dowry bringing and departure to the groomʹs house. Having carried out the analysis of the songs, the dramatism has been identified in the wedding eve songs as dominating, especially on brideʹs leave for the groom and his family. The dramatic mood of the wedding songs is mostly connected with customs and traditions. Existing cultural herritage draws a line between what might have been said in the texts and what might have been exaggerated. Having taken a more in-depth insight into the world of songs, the reasons determining dramatic mood, particulary the brideʹs separation of her family and home, fear of the future and non-set dower of the maiden is obvious. All what is recorded in the texts might be positevely assessed for the highlighted deep feelings and negatively by figurative transformation of a similar weaning. On the other hand it is obvious that all performed folklor in general is significant itself for its joint collective creation and tradition. In conclusion genre canons must be taken into account in order to take part in creating folklor.
Type Master thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2011