Title Genetic characteristics of diversity of apple resistance to apple scab
Translation of Title Obels atsparumo rauplėgrybiui įvairovės genetinė charakteristika
Authors Sikorskaitė-Gudžiūnienė, Sidona
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Pages 30
Keywords [eng] apple hybrids ; apple genotype ; resistance response ; apple scab
Abstract [eng] The aim of the research. To identify genes involved in V. inaequalis induced resistance response in Malus sp. and to develop apple hybrids with pyramidic resistance. Specific aims: 1. To characterize the genetic diversity and resistance to apple scab in the collection of apple genetic resources; 2. To develop apple hybrids of pyramidic resistance for apple breeding; 3. To characterize apple nuclear proteome and to perform a comparative genomic analysis of V. inaequalis induced Malus response; 4. To identify apple resistance genes involved in response to apple scab and to develop functional markers.
Type Summaries of doctoral thesis
Language English
Publication date 2014