Title Genetic variation of brown rot blossom blight pathogens and their hosts sweet and sour cherry
Translation of Title Kaulavaisinių moniliozės sukėlėjų ir trešnės bei paprastosios vyšnios genetinė variacija
Authors Frercks, Birutė
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Pages 27
Keywords [eng] Monilinia spp. ; genetic variation ; sour cherry ; sweet cherry
Abstract [eng] The aim of the research. To evaluate the genetic diversity in sweet and sour cher-ry populations, to characterize the injuries to blossoms and fruits caused by blossom blight brown rot, to identify the species composition of Monilinia patho-gens and to analyse the DNA polymorphism within and among pathogens popula-tions. Main tasks: 1. To analyse the genetic diversity of sweet and sour cherry cultivars and wild cherry population, growing in west Lithuania, using molecular marker methods (AFLP and SSR). 2. To determine factors affecting injuries caused by blossom blight. 3. To investigate characteristics of brown rot agent M. fructigena development in sweet and sour cherry cultivars differing in resistance to brown rot. 4. To identify species composition of Monilinia spp. in IH LRCAF stone fruit collection based on PCR methood and to evaluate inter- and intraspecific DNA polymorphism of Monilinia spp. based on AFLP method.
Type Summaries of doctoral thesis
Language English
Publication date 2014