Title The Adaptation Problem of Disabled Elderly and Aged People in Care Homes: the Aspect of Social Work
Translation of Title Senų ir pagyvenusių žmonių, esančių negalės situacijoje, adaptacijos problema globos namuose: socialinio darbo aspektas
Authors Jakubkienė, Dalia
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Pages 71
Keywords [eng] Adaptation ; disability ; aged person ; social needs ; social problems
Abstract [eng] In today's society there is growing number of old, elderly and people with disabilities, who because of health problems or lack of social skills cannot live independently, to care for themselves. Stationary care homes ensure long–term and short–term social care retirement for pension aged people who are unable to live independently in their homes and they need constant care and supervision. According to I. Leliūgienė (2003), the old and the elderly, and persons with disabilities, present situation of social care institutions problems are related to the human needs and the surrounding social environment interact. Especially important is the aspect of adaptation to new environments. The object of research – the old and the elderly people, in disability situation, problems of adaptation in care home, social work aspect. Purpose of quiestionare survey study is to examine old and elderly people in dissability situation, the problem to adapt in care home, social work aspect. The study objectives were: o identify the old and the elderly, in disability situation, the problem of adaptation evaluating the phenomenon of aging and social policy resolution; analyze the problem of adaptation of social support of care at home job opportunities, and empirically explore the old and the elderly in disability situation, the problem of adaptation in care home social work aspect. The work was to select and apply different research methods: literature and document analysis and quantitative study – questionnaires. The study consists of two parts. In the first part the author presents the theoretical old and the elderly in a disability situation, problems of adaptation of social support adaptation in the context of foster homes. The second part presents an empirical study, the results of the investigation led to the following conclusions. The study findings: people find themselves in a care home is difficult to adapt to a new place, it's hard to rebuild the changed life situation. Adaptation process is compounded by losses incurred by old age, physiological and psychological changes that affect social problems. Social problems arising from residential care homes related to the needs of the dissatisfaction of employees working in residential care homes shortage of skilled, older and old people's rights, dignity, insecurity, exclusion as well as to the improvement of quality of service, lack of communication and cooperation between residential care homes and people living there workers. With the help of professional competence and professional approach, through preventive practices, social worker has to deal with problems. The paper provides an overview of demographic change and the service aspect in the Lithuania and Ukraine.
Dissertation Institution Šiaulių universitetas
Type Master‘s Thesis
Language English
Publication date 2015