Title Pranciškonų perspektyvistų optikos ypatybės viduramžiais: vienuolijos savitumas ir įtaka optikos mokslo sklaidoje /
Translation of Title Particularities of Franciscan Perspective Optics in the Middle Ages: Peculiarity of the Order and its Influence on the Spread of Optical Science.
Authors Aleksandravičiūtė, Dalia
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Is Part of Sovijus : tarpdalykiniai kultūros tyrimai.. Vilnius : Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas. 2022, t. 10, Nr. 1, p. 208-225.. ISSN 2351-471X. eISSN 2351-4728
Keywords [eng] Optics ; light ; civilizational comparative studies ; Arab Muslim world ; Oxford, Robert Grosseteste ; Roger Bacon ; species
Abstract [eng] This article analyses the environment of the medieval Franciscan perspectivist movement in Oxford from a comparative point of view, by taking into account the following questions: the nature of the monastery’s activities, the dissemination of science, and the relationship with the main ideas and concepts of optics. It analyses the contribution of the perspectivist teacher Robert Grosseteste to the dissemination and theorisation of optics. Particular attention is given to the theory of optics of Ibn al-Haytham, a representative of the Arab Muslim tradition, especially in relation to the concept of the visual form of an object, which was problematic in the debates between the nominalists and the perspectivists over universals. It also outlines important aspects of the science of optics by Grosseteste’s pupil Roger Bacon.
Published Vilnius : Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas
Type Journal article
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2022